Wyze Video Doorbell V2 - Shared user not getting notified

I’m in Canada and just bought the V2 to replace my first doorbell video version. A little bit disappointed that they took away the external chime that came with the first version or did not make it compatible with the V2 but that is a discussion for another day. I have shared the cam with my wife and she can open the app to see the live video and the events, however when I press the button to ring the doorbell I’m the only one getting notified that someone is at the door, I get an international call and when I answer I see the live feed from the doorbell camera, which is great My first question is this: How come, my wife, is not getting notified or does not have the possibility to answer the ring as I do? I do not want to be the only one able to answer or get notified when someone is at the front door or presses the button to ring the doorbell. My second question is there an option to only get notified and not receive a call or can I change the caller ID of the received call from Wyze so that I know it is my front doorbell and not a real international call?

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Here’s what I did on my mobile device (Android).

I made a contact in my contacts on my phone with the number. Gave the contact a unique name (“Doorbell” in my case). Gave the contact a unique ringtone (a ding-dong doorbell sound).

So, when the doorbell button on the camera is pushed, I get the voip call, and my phone plays the ringtone for the contact from that number. I hear the ding-dong doorbell ringtone, and know it’s my doorbell calling me.

There might be other ways to skin this cat.

Does she get any Wyze notifications? Is either her account or her app in her phone disabling the notification?Does she see the device on her device list? What actual app version is she using?

Thank you i will try that

She does get the notifications but not the call to answer the door, I’m the only one getting the international call to answer the door. We should both be able to answer the door or get the call. If I’m away for work or do not have access to my phone as my wife she should be able to have access to everything.

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