Local Storage Options: Options in Recording Range/Recording Motion Events

Just a suggestion.

If one has the ability for local storage,… I would like to suggest different ranges, or when using motion or person detection, that when the time the device first begins recording, that the complete motion capture might offer a feature that allows complete capture, with the option to set the range in which the complete motion capture will have either a suggested length to end the recording, or the user might have the option to customize the length in which to stop complete motion capture, and/or person detection.

Understandable, that person detection only last 12 seconds. I do think though, that if one buys a monthly subscription to the cloud, and also, has the ability for local storage no matter the size, it would be a lovely feature/optimization/customization/ability that would be great for user convenience and accessibility.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with this person detection update. I can only hope Wyze will hear us while understanding that this is not something to take for granted, but an opportunity to take advantage of. Even if a new feature or option such as this would be something worthy of purchase/subscriptions… I’d more than welcome that capability.

Take care.

@dudeguyman131, We need some clarification on this before considering adding to the #wishlist. Are you asking for a user selected time limit on CMC recordings?

While CMC is great it would be very difficult to set up something to capture activity, as opposed to continued motion- a guy picking your front door lock for example. Walks up, leans down and starts work. Now he’s not moving, his hands are the only active part. If he is good, a few seconds, a rookie, 5 minutes. How would you choose a time length to record?
The 12 second event recordings are, I think, best looked at as a flag to you to go back and check playback if you see anything of concern. Saves you from a lot of tedious scrolling. CMC would also be subject to the same logic.
I can see situations where you would want to have a longer duration, and I think your idea, as I understand it, would be a nice feature.

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@dudeguyman131, Or (to put it in fewer words), are you looking for an EXTENSION of CMC recording time after detected motion has ceased?

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