Locally saved CMC

I read about CMC and watched its Q&A video and seems an awesome feature.
Link: Complete Motion Capture AMA - YouTube

By watching the CMC Q&A it was explained that the business case behind this feature is to store longer clips in the cloud for security and commodity reasons (e.g. user prefer to have it saved in the cloud anyways or if camera is stolen user still have access to the videos).

Therefore my request here is to push this feature for the people that are fine to keep the videos in the SD card only. This way you’ll get the two base of customers (online and offline) happy :slight_smile:

If CMC per say is not possible, per business conflict of interest, think of a limited version of it. some examples follow below.

option 1: CMC videos longer than 12s are saved locally but never sent to the cloud,

  • pros: CMC videos
  • cons: just local

option 2: user is able to set the length of the motion videos they want (e.g. between 5-120s).

  • pros: user is able to configure length of motion videos
  • cons: not as good as CMC. not pushed to the cloud

option 3: push notification stating start and end of CMC but without saving the video.

  • pros: user is notified about the time the CMC happened, so he can go watch in case he has the continuous recording on.
  • cons: not as good as CMC. user has to have continous recording on so he can watch the entire scene.

anyways, those are just examples of options that you could launch for free that would have a similar impact and add value to your customers that are bothered by 12s videos only.

let us know what the team thinks.

have fun!

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Am I missing something here? The SD/local recording is already CMC.

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The microSD card videos do already capture all motion if on events only, or everything if on continuous. The only drawback I would see is if you are not subscribing and only recording to microSD, the notifications come from the cloud videos only, so at best you would only get notified every 5 minutes.

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not really. if continuous video is off, you’ll only get videos of 12s (so… no CMC). if continuous video is on you have access to the video but you have to know the start and end time, the video won’t be automatically chopped for you for the entire motion (so… no CMC either).

the difference between CMC and continuous recording is simple. CMC is a video cut of the entire motion scene. while continuous video is a 24/7 recording without cuts or taggings of when motion happened and where it didn’t.

any chance it got a bit clearer? :slight_smile:

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That’s not accurate. With event-only recording to the SD card, (not continuous) you’d get minute-long recordings for any minute during which motion is detected.

That’s true. I guess I don’t see that as a huge limitation. Minute-long clips aren’t that long or difficult to deal with.

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Belter read up, this isn’t correct. It might be partitioned into minute-each-clips, but you get a logically-complete clip SD recordings.

you will only get videos longer than 12s if you subscribe to CMC. if you don’t, you’re limited to the 12s videos only.

my request is an alternative for people who want to have the CMC clips without paying for the subscription. from my understanding, they justified the subscription price in the Q&A to offering unlimited longer videos available in the cloud,

did i make myself clearer now?

You’re clearly wrong. Stop writing for a while and try it yourself, view any one of your cameras with an SD card and press, “View Playback”. You’ll see a CMC recording.

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it’s weird because since i bought i never got any video longer than 12 seconds. it always chop at 12s even if the motion is still happening.

maybe a firmware bug then?
i am on the latest firmware:

In the Events section, yes, it’s limited to the 12-second videos. In the Playback section, no. It’s only limited by the size of your SD card.

You can also click directly from the 12-second video to the longer clip on the SD card in the Playback section. And if you have the SD card set to event recording instead of continuous, it will be easy to jump because the card will only include recordings from minutes in which motion is detected.

Well, so to speak, anyway. This might be a confusing way to say it, since that’s the official name of the cloud service. Haha

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When recording events only to the microSD card it records 1-minute videos, if there is motion in the 1-minute it keeps it, if not it deletes it. The microSD card videos are only found by hitting the view playback button in the live video window.


This happens all the time and is due to ambiguous terms, biggest of which is “Events”. Should have been labelled “Cloud” or something similar. “Events” apply to both cloud and local recording, leading to confusion like this thread.

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interesting. i noticed continuous recording is based on minute length videos but i didn’t know event videos could surpass that barrier. from what you said, it seems if i switch to event based only, i could have videos going from 15:31:25 to 15:32:24, ehich i didn’t know it was possible. i guess i’ll have to make some experiments to try this out and confirm.

right now i use continuous video + the motion clips, and what i get is the 12s chopped videos and the minute chopped videos (e.g 15:30:00 to 15:30:59).

No. With event-only SD card recording, If you had a motion event that lasted from 15:31:25 to 15:32:24, you’d have two one-minute clips saved on your SD card, from 15:31:00-15:31:59 and 15:32:00-15:32:59

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On events only the videos will still be 00 to 59, but if there is motion anywhere in that time it will save the whole minute.


thanks for your feedback guys. i’ll do some homework here and experiment those things and see how it goes. based on my understanding of what you said, if we don’t want to pay for CMC we can still get a close enough experience.

i’ll try out and close the topic if we’re there :slight_smile:

thanks for your prompt answers. they were much appreciated.


With an SD card, the ability to view full motion video events will be similar as with CMC, yes. The primary difference is notification cooldown and, of course, the fact that the videos are stored in the cloud.


So if I don’t care about notifications and the camera is out of reach, an SD card on Event Recording is essentially CMC?

And if the camera is within reach CMC is essentially digital insurance for the recording.

Hello @john.esher and welcome to the community.

As long as you do not care about the notifications then yes SD card event recording is essentially CMC

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