Complete Capture

Hello, I am trying to view a time period on a camera that I have subscribed to the CMC service.

It says No SD Card Installed , does there need to be one installed for this to work? This is part of the reason that I purchased the service so I wouldnt have to mess around with SD cards.


The videos from being subscribed to CMC will show up under the events tab at the bottom. The SD Card videos are separate from the CMC videos, you do not have to have one for CMC to work.

Yes but if I want to go back 13 hours and watch 20min of footage I am unable to

No to do that you would need an SD card, CMC (Complete Motion Capture) does not record continuously. CMC record when motion is detected for the duration of the motion event. Without CMC the event video would last 12 seconds when motion is detected and would wait 5 minutes before recording again.

To do what you want you need an SD Card installed and have that set to Continuous Recording, this would record 24/7 to the card and you could go back and watch what you need.