Local-network-only control option for Wyze bulbs

Hi there,
i’m a little worried about ‘HOW’ the wyze bulbs are communicating with the app.
The sense stuff is all local, and the hub communicates with the cloud.

However without a hub, it seems every single bulb is punching a hole out of my network to the Wyze cloud, and then the API is allowing control of it. This exposes the number of surfaces of my network which is REALLY not ideal.

Could you please take a serious look about opening up local control only, and disabling cloud control. The bulbs are great, but being able to ping an IP “http://X.X.X.X/state/on” or"http://X.X.X.X/color/2700" would be much more secure (and would integrate into EVERYONEs home automation system)


I second this wish.
I do a lot of work for local residence, helping them bring their home up to the 21st century. Several of them want home security, but shy away from the idea of everything being online.

Where a a desktop application the user can install on a local computer or server, and the live feeds can be directly archived to /my/chosen/place. and programmed triggers can be simply logged to /my/chosen/place

if the logs are tagged with video reference numbers
i could then, custom program the local server based on my customers specific desires