Live view unavailable v3 evey few hours

Every few hours i have to delete a camera and reinstall to get rid of live view unavailable message to be able to view cam on firestick etc. If more then one is doing this reinstalling just one fixes them all.Getting really annoying. On latest beta fw app and alexa is up to date.

Is the unavailability of the cam to live stream only happening in 3rd party apps\software like Alexa or is this occuring within the live stream of the Wyze App also?

Does this unavailability to live stream happen after a few hours of sustained streaming or after a few hours when you go back to that app\software to initiate a live stream?

What 3rd party apps\software besides Alexa are you using to initiate the live stream where this unavailability occurs?

What devices are these streams being viewed on?

The more details you provide the easier it is to rule out possible causes and find the root of the problem.

When you say you delete and reinstall the cam, are you deleting it from the Wyze App? Have you tried a power cycle instead? Have you tried to refresh your account link in the 3rd party app\software?

I have the same issue with one of my v3s.

Only using the Wyze app.

I’ve power cycled and unplugged it to reset.

When this happens I find it with the solid red light on front on.

Not sharing with anyone, reset my password regularly, and use 2FA with googles Authenticator app.

Im deleting from alexa then reinstalling. Works as it should on wyze app. I live stream on a firestick mostly.I have only noticed it happening after i go back a few ours later as i dont watch or let run live stream for hours.

I have not found Alexa streaming to be reliable on my fire stick either. Alexa in general has not been impressing me as of late.