Live View no audio heard, but audio present in recorded events

Works from iPhone, but not from 3 different Android phones. All firmware up to date on cameras.


Make sure the app is up to date, volume is up, and the speaker icon on the live view doesn’t have an X

Are your Androids running the latest app PR or are they on a Beta? Cams?

Just checked my V3 PR FW live feed audio and all is 5x5 on Android 11 PR v

Apps all up to date. I’m running Beta app and latest Beta firmware on the V3 cams. The other two Android phones are running latest public app. The iPhone is running latest public app, and audio works on that phone.

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They are.

Of note, my V3 camera on floodlight does work with audio on all phones. Same beta firmware on all V3 cams.

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Since all V3 are on beta and it is not working with the Beta app or PR app, this would lead me to suspect the V3 Beta .2424 FW.

This needs to be documented, reported with logs, and investigated by the beta team.

But, that post needs to happen over on the .2424 beta reporting thread:


I moved this topic to the #beta category.


Nice find. I never turn sound on, but did and see the same issue. All v3 cams running beta and all Cam Pan v2 cams running beta have no sound. My other cams running older firmware don’t have a sound issue.


Confirmed on V3 with no audio on android, but there is on iOS.


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