Live view and Cam plus does not work well

For a few weeks, I no longer have access to see the livestream (error with "connecting camera by secure channel 1/3) if i’m outside the wifi network. Moreover, despite my subscription to Camplus, I only have 12 seconds of videos and without AI detection.

But, I receive the events (12 seconds motion or sound), I’m able to see the web live view.
No network changes. I restarted the router, the modem, all camera and even did a factory reset.

do you have any idea what can block the livestream AND camplus on the network side? what do i have to look at on the router side?

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The failure of the cams to load properly or slowly while on mobile data network or on another WiFi is frustrating. It may be caused by a P2P routing issue or by slow data transfer on the network coming out of your ISP or into your phone. Very difficult to troubleshoot that. Are you running any sort of VPN Software on your phone?

Verify that each of the cams is assigned to Cam Plus in the Services tab. Verify that your Event Recording Settings has Smart Detections selected for the types of AI you want tagged. Verify that your Detection Sensitivity is set high enough to get detections and uploads. Verify that the cam Notifications for the types of AI Smart Detections is turned on.

Please note that Sound Detection uploaded video events are only 12 seconds by default. Sound Detected Event Uploads do not go thru the AI Interrogation Matrix. They are simple uploads only. And, if the cam activates a video upload on Sound Detection, it cannot activate or upload a Motion Detected event during the 12 seconds the Sound Detected Upload is taking place. In many cases, users running both Sound and Motion detection miss the Motion Detected Upload and AI Smart Detection tagging because the Sound Event activates before the Motion Event would have, thereby blocking the Motion Event from uploading and tagging.

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No vpn. I tried 380p and it didn’t work. I have 8 cameras and 4 at this location (different network) and 4 camplus work and the 4 on the problematic network do not work. what does internet speed change with cam plus? do you need a specific port for camplus?

If you have 4 cams that work on one network and 4 on a separate network that give you the problem, it is clearly an issue either with how the ISP, the modem, or the WiFi Router is handling the Peer to Peer live stream connection. Perhaps a security protocol setting in the modem or router that is blocking P2P connections from outside IP addresses. If your router gives you security logs, you might be able to pull details that will show you what is going on.

Cam Plus isn’t going to change anything with your speed. It also doesn’t affect any P2P Live streaming as that is a basic function of every cam. The only thing it changes is the length of Event uploads and the frequency that it uploads as there is no cooldown between uploads.

I don’t know what port is being used for the P2P live stream. Perhaps someone else more experienced with advanced router functions can post in.

I took 1 problem camera and moved it to my other network. the camPlus works correctly. On the other hand, no camera works with the camplus in the network in question. it’s this part that I don’t understand why.

That is interesting but it doesn’t point to Cam Plus being the definitive cause on the problem network.

Since moving a Cam Plus assigned cam to the good network proves that the cam operates normally, this just supports that the problem network is still the problem for all cams on that network, not just Cam Plus assigned cams.

Have you tested a cam not assigned to Cam Plus on each of the networks?

Choose a cam on the affected network, unassign it from Cam Plus by entering the Account → Services screen, and unassign the Cam from Cam Plus. Then exit the app, reload it, and try to launch the live stream while not using that WiFi. Does the cam live stream load?