Live streaming is increasingly unreliable

I keep an iPad with a multi-view of 4 cameras on my desk at all times connected via local WiFi. Signal strength is very good (multiple routers).

Over the years the streaming has been “reasonably” reliable, except for a few periods of spotty performance or bugs.

Recently, however, the performance of the live streaming has noticeably degraded. Streaming is no longer smooth but is rather jittery or intermittent. Frames are frequently skipped and motion events like cars driving past will look “sped up” as the video attempts to catch up delayed frames.

It’s very similar to this user’s report in the recent v4 beta test firmware thread: Wyze Cam v4 Beta Test 7/3/2024 - #9 by spamoni (I am not using this firmware; I am on

“Failed to connect: Error code 13” errors are also frequently popping up. I have encountered these errors before and again I believe they are related to AWS/cloud issues.

I have the exact setup. Two cameras are on a local network and the other two are at a remote location 600Km away. All four cameras a streaming fine most of the time. The two at the remote location occasionally will drop off but that is due to slow upload speed at the remote location (1Mbps).

I have a feeling that your issue might be related to something else.

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DSL and multiple Wyze cams… not good. :cry:

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I learned to leave with it :rofl:

Actually it’s not bad except when there is lots of motion, then the cameras keep on fighting for bandwidth. Since I upgraded to CamPlus Unlimited it’s been worse. The 5 minute cooldown on CamPlus Lite was helpful. Go figure :slight_smile:

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I tried running Wyze cams on a 10/3 DSL connection about 5 years ago. The most simultaneous, uninterrupted live streams I could get was 2. Yes, most of the problems encountered was heavy upload to the cloud when that 3Mbps was actually less than 1Mbps.

I have four cameras on DSL 10/1 and two on Cable 1000/50. Actual speeds are 9/0.7 DSL and 980/48 Cable at best. Viewing four cameras simultaneously is like playing Russian roulette :rofl:. Split screen two DSL and two Cable is 90% good.

When I am on DSL I can view everything without any issues. That 1G/50 helps as the cameras on DSL stream locally.

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