Live streaming birds at feeders? Is this possible?

I don’t own a Wyze cam but wondered if there might be one I could set up to watch birds. My vision is poor and a camera might enable me to see more than their silhouettes. I would also like to be able to watch them on my PC (Win10) and that is not an option in the tags. Thanks.


You really need to talk with the Forum’s resident Bird Watcher @AnnWithAPlan!

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This would definitely work, just know that the battery powered “Wyze Cam Outdoor” DOES NOT support webview (pc), but all other cameras including the battery powered “Battery Cam Pro” do, they just need a cam plus sub

If you don’t need webview then the WCO will work.

If you plan to stream it constantly (instead of just for a minute or 2 every once in a while), the battery cams will drain very fast

Check out this bird feeder. Looks like it is compatible with a Wyze v3, v3 Pro and Outdoor.


I haven’t tried it yet because I have no need for mine to be live since my family members have access to the cam. But I did see the Cog Hill Farm family do it with theirs so their viewers could watch a pair of beautiful (huge) pigeons making a nest. I was sure they were using a Wyze cam, but I dont know how they did it.

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The biggest challenge for me is the lighting. My feeders are placed on the east and west sides of my house. So the sun will wash out the view during parts of the day.

So camera placement is probably the most important aspect for watching birds, in my opinion.

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That is part of my problem. The feeder is located on west side so for part of day it’s in shade making it difficult to see the birds and then the sun is blinding making it impossible to see, period. I fear this is be beyond my ability to understand, much less execute. Reading posts from other threads who’ve “refocused” lens" and such has my head spinning.

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Based on your location in your profile, point your cam NNE and you shouldn’t have an issue with the sun:


Maybe put some kind of shade thing above them and even a small light for the shadows?
I had my cam sitting on a small ladder in front of the birdbath until I got a more semi-permanent solution. Yesterday, I needed the ladder inside and looked high and low for it until I remembered where it was, haha. I got a t-post and set it in the ground and put the cam on that. Morning time is when the sun hits it, but the :bird: :bird:‍:black_large_square: aren’t that active then anyway.


That’s cool.

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If only I could just dig a hole and put in a post or even utilize a ladder; however there is a concrete slab along the side of the house that slopes downhill until it meets with the city sidewalk. This house is over 100 years old, so I have no idea when it was done, nor why.

Wow, your house is older than mine. I’m in the country on an acre (wish I owned it), in a little 800sq ft farmhouse that was built in the early 1930s (bathrrom was an add-on later). There’s just a gravel driveway, no sidewalks, so I have been able to pound posts in here and there. I do have lots of liberties I can take here, though.

Over the decades I’ve mostly lived where I’m surrounded by woods. But now, I’m not just in the city, but on the corner with sidewalks everywhere! It’s a challenge. I spend most of my time planting native trees, shrubs and perennials for the birds and other winged critters and would love to be able to see them during Winter. I’m still fantasizing and trying to find a way! I love how supportive the Wyze community is, though as a newbie, I must admit I wish one of them lived nearby and could help me make fewer mistakes as I learn!

I know what you mean. You’re halfway between me and my brother. It takes 6 hours to get from here to my brother’s in VA.

If you are willing, post a couple of pics of the areas you want to place cameras. I know there are many people here will offer suggestions and ideas.

Here are some pics of my birdfeeder setups.

This is a shot of the front yards feeders and bath. You can see the 2 cameras that are pointed at the feeders.

This is a view of the whole setup with a V3 camera.

This the view of the hummingbird feeder from an OG Telephoto camera.

Here is a view of the window feeder on my bedroom window. It is stuck on with suction cups. It has been in place almost 2 years and never fallen. I have a camera mounted inside the house looking out the window at the feeder.

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Your setups with multiple cameras are amazing! I actually took 1 pic intending to follow up on your offer to help, but then my house became a superfund cleanup site. Slight exaggeration, but previous owners had left old oil tanks in the basement after installing a heat pump. VA did not require removal but I was assured when I bought the house that they were empty. They weren’t! And it’s been a nightmare. Next I’ve dealt with a Yellow Jacket invasion. They nested in an exterior wall and some kept taking a wrong turn when exiting the nest and ended up in my kitchen. Old house with many cracks and crevices! None of this has been fun or easily resolved. So I’m finally back to dreaming about actually being able to see birds when I put my feeders up (can’t do that until late Nov here because of Black Bears). Facing west presents lighting challenges and camera placement needs that are complicated and a younger me might have had the ability and means to tackle it. The Wyze community has given me some good tips and reason to hope, so maybe someday! Thanks for your offer to help.

Wyze, Please make a remote solar smart bird feeder. I just bought one from Amazon $159 and I cannot make it connect. The directions have no logic, no steps in order. Just stuff thrown together. I have 8 Wyze cams and had no problem connecting them all because the directions are so clear. I am so frustrated. Please make a good smart bird feeder.

Wyze does have solar panels that work with Wyze Outdoor cameras.

The Wasserstein Bird Feeder will work with Wyze Outdoor cameras.

What you want is doable if you are willing to put it together.