Live stream sports event

I have been trying to live stream a youth sporting event to parents since we are not allowed to have spectators on site. We use 4 cameras, but they keep freezing. I make a temporary password and have them login through my account name. Is there anyway to stop it from freezing and losing the connection? Thanks.

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How many viewers at one time? I wouldn’t have over 3 to 5 people viewing the cameras in the app. That may be causing the issue. Also, how is the WIFI connection for each of the cameras? That may affect the quality.

If you need the cameras to stream to multiple viewers, consider doing a Facebook or YouTube livestream. You could scream cast a device playing the camera feeds in a group.

A way better alternative (if your up for it) would be to use RTSP and stream it to OBS.

In the end, Wyze camera ps may not be the best choice for this use. The cameras are great, but they’re not mend for streaming to multiple users.

If your looking for something that will stream to multiple users via a service like YouTube, you could get a network camera and connect it directly.
I have 1 Axis network camera that I got to play around with and it works great for this and obviously security. They can be found for less then half the normal cost on EBay (I got mine new for $50) but your warranty will be void and returns aren’t easy.

This will cost more, but it will last long term and be more reliable. Also, depending on what sport your streaming, you can consider a dome style camera so the camera is protected from being he by people, sticks, balls or other equipment.

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