Wyze Cam Viewing For Many (Arenas in COVID)

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Looking for a little wisdom/knowledge/help. I volunteer with Minor Sport and we are working on return to play for Minor Hockey this fall with COVID restrictions in effect. In many scenarios we are currently working with parents may not be allowed in the rink this fall.

My thought was to put a few Wyze cams at each rink that would allow parents to watch from their car. We already have our own wi-fi at these rinks.

We have a website, (www.ridgemeadowshockey.com) so my thought would be to expose the video to the website and people go there to watch the video at Red Rink, Blue Rink, Gold Rink etc.

Anyone have any thoughts on how you might put this together?

Thanks everyone,.

Personally I’d steer clear from anything Wyze for this. Got access to a few laptops? I’d just point their webcams at each rink and then have a separate YouTube stream for each. Embed the live videos on your site. I have seen folks do live streams with their Wyze cams but I don’t think its very straightforward getting that set up, and I question how robust it is - although the few Wyze livestreams I watched looked pretty decent.

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I like the YouTube streams idea also. Even when bandwidth is not a factor, I have often wondered just how many people can view a single Wyze cam feed at the same time??

There are many posts around the web relating to streaming IP cameras to YouTube. That would be your best bet. Then the YouTube stream can be viewed by dozens of people without issue. Also, everyone should have easy access to YouTube from their devices.

Second, Wyze cams needs the RTSP firmware loaded stream outside of the phone application. The feature is not the default software (annoying). The firmware is easily available from Wyze.

Yeah, I don’t think you want Wyze for this; I don’t think it does any broadcast reflecting, so every viewer is another stream from the tiny camera. This is the sort of thing “livestreaming” and Periscope were invented for. Either YouTube as mentioned, or maybe the new free Google Meet tier, or start looking at articles such as https://blog.capterra.com/free-live-stream-tools-event/

No idea about commercial restrictions.

Edit: a1211’s idea is fine too but is of course not limited to Wyze. You could use any RTSP standard streaming camera or phone.

Thanks for the feedback!