Number of viewers effect live stream reliability?

So here’s the new problem, but first the background. I’ve had 4 Wyze cams running 24/7 for quite a while. I also have two android tablets mounted to walls that display the door/driveway camera 24/7 and all this has been running well for a good year.

Last week I replaced a 5th camera of another brand with a new Wyze V2.
Prior to adding that V2 camera, my wife used to monitor the kids during nap with the other brand camera on it’s own app and everything else still worked fine.

However, since adding the Wyze V2, it seems that whenever she is monitoring the Nap Camera on her phone using the Wyze app, the other camera that displays on the two Android tablets 24/7 keeps dropping it’s feed and I have to keep hitting refresh. The driveway camera itself isn’t going offline, it’s just that the display on the android tablets drops and I have to hit the refresh icon which makes it come right back.

So it seems that having a 3rd device viewing a live stream using the Wyze app is maybe overloading something?

It never happened when the 3rd viewer was using a different app and different brand camera so I don’t think it’s a network/WiFi problem. Also, nothing else on the network slows down, including streaming 4k video from Netflix at the same time either.

Any sugestions?

Edited to add:
I also tried turning one of the cameras off so it’s back to 4 Wyze cameras, but it still happens so it seems the problem is the 3rd device viewing a live stream in the Wyze app at the same time.


What about using rtsp to view.

Maybe try not have all the camera on one account. Share them with each other.
Make up extra dummies email.

I’m not a fan of the Wyze RTSP. I do like RTSP, but not the Wyze version since I use a lot of the newer features. I could try the separate account idea over the weekend, that might at least see if it’s number of streams per account.

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Was the previous camera also on 2.4ghz wifi? I’ve had issues with chromecast streaming on 2.4ghz since adding additional devices to that network.

Moved what I could to 5ghz and it got rid of all the streaming hiccups on the remaining 2.4ghz devices

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Get in to the router and look what is going on with the devices.

We just went to cable and move the stuff to 5g much I can.

Do anyone know how far Rtsp go. Do it get pickup at router or it go to Seattle and back?

The old camera was also 2.4ghz.
I’m pretty sure it has to do with Wyze specifically. I say that because as a test, I fired up 2 more cameras from two different brands and opened the stream on 2 different phones with their individual apps. When I did that, the Wyze cam that’s simultaneously displayed on the 2 android tablets remained stable and didn’t drop off at all.

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