Live Stream problem

All three of my WYZE V2 cameras will not allow me to live stream but the motion detection is working, Any ideas?
They were working this morning and after permanently installing them.

@frank.cota Welcome to the community! Not sure what steps you may have taken at this point but restarting the router would be the first thing I would recommend. After the router reconnects to the internet, do a power cycle on the cams if they still fail stream. What app version are you currently using?

Find my Wyze App version

Thank you for your reply.
I was thinking that it might be the router,
but all other household devices continued working.
I turned off the cameras and turned them back on after about an hour and they began working properly again.
One of the notifications that showed up said that I might need to delete and re-install the app. If I were to do that, would I need to set up the cameras again?

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By the way, the app version is v210.36

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You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, uninstalling/reinstalling the app will not effect your camera settings. Your account settings are stored on the server. However, if the cameras are working now uninstalling the app probably isn’t necessary.

Thank you again!

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Seriously?? I’m required to restart my router because I installed some device?? I’ve never had to do that for ANY device I’ve added to my network.

I wouldn’t. Go to phone’s Settings → Apps → Wyze → Force stop, then Storage → Clear cache (and maybe Clear Data if clearing cache didn’t suffice)

I haven’t either.
Hope it’s not a “thing”

Seriously ?? I’m required to restart my router because I installed some device?? I’ve never had to do that for ANY device I’ve added to my network.

No, it isn’t a requirement. It was just a suggestion. And, no, I haven’t had to do that to any of my devices I’ve ADDED to my network either. That wasn’t my point at all.

Restarting your router can help reconnect devices that are unstable on your network. Doing a power cycle on your router and on any device can get them connected and working properly again.

I recommended this because the OP said they were having issues with the live stream, and it had nothing to do with adding or installing a device.

That’s all I was trying to say. My apologies for the confusion. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am having the same problem. The app on my two Samsung S5 Android Phones is not connecting to my cameras for live streaming. It works on my iPad and it had worked on the phones in the past. Could it be the new beta version 2.10.36?

@gebrinckmann Welcome to the community! There is always a possibility that the Beta software has a bug and is causing an issue with your live stream.

What FW version are you running on the cameras?

You can revert back to the previous Beta FW and see if it makes any difference on the camera’s live stream.

Beta FW Only
Camera Live Stream > the gear icon, top right > Device Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version > Have Problem > Revert Firmware

If all else fails, you can try going back to the production app and see if the streaming issue goes away.