Live stream on website?


I have been looking for a camera that I can stream live on my website.I own a doggy daycare and was wondering if this would work. My ISP doesn’t let me port forward so I am wondering if its needed using this camera. Thank you.

You can’t with Wyze cams, for now. There’s another, long thread asking for this feature.

“My ISP doesn’t let me port forward”

That’s not true. Get someone local who is knowledgeable about LANs. You can always hook up another WiFi router to your ISP modem, one that will allow you to forward ports. Your ISP wouldn’t even know unless your account has a cap, like AT&T’s lower-tier accounts.

The real question is, is your upload speed fast enough? If not, then your camera feeds would be jerky.

Exactly, that is just their way of saying, “We really do not want to help you do that”

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