Lighting and blue screen

2 questions one of my v3 cameras went to a blue screen. I reinstalled the camera and still had a blue screen. pryer to this the camera went off line 4 x I had to reinstall the camera. it is only 6 months old inside. did the camera die? 2nd on my porch I have a front porch light. the camera is about 3 feet from the light. it is rather dark. daytime half the porch is too dark to see. Is this just needing more light? zi have night vision on with ir lights set at far. thank you

First thought is the camera died. Can you post a screen capture both in daylight and at night so we know exactly what you’re talking about.

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today the v 3 camera is working. weird anomaly. as always thank you for your help

Welcome to “The Twilight Zone” (in my best Rod Serling voice).

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for sure. I was worried. i just ordered more cams