Blue light and loud clicks

Strange noises and switching to blue on my front porch camera. It is outside, but well protected in one of the little Amazon birdhouses and under the porch roof. This is not the first time this has happened, but it was several times last night. Did not receive a notification, nor did I receive a notification when grandkids came home last night. It was on the playback, but no notification.



The clicking is the IR filter cutting in and out. Could be the camera rebooting. If it has an SD card installed, try taking the card out and reformatting it. Or it could be heat stroke. What’s the outside temp?

Thanks for the reply. The SD card has been installed since I put the camera up so I’ve reformatted it. Hopefully that will help. I assume the blue lights are the same thing.

The temps here haven’t been high at all. Highest in the mid 80’s and I think in the high 60’s last night. Will see if the reformatting helped.

As for the blue light. If you are talking about the status light on the back of the camera, blue is normal. Blue steady light means that the camera is connected to your WiFi and is working properly (unless you turn it off in settings).


No, not the status light - the flashes of blue light in the video.

Sorry, I had missed the video (I was reading the forum without my reading glasses and on this stupid iPhone, the video file name barely shows and I missed it).

That is just the IR filter and night mode switching in and out and the resulting color shift .


Thanks for the answers. I was really concerned there was something wrong with the camera. I love these little rascals and want them to live a long and fulfilling life :slight_smile:

You gotta watch trying to read without your glasses - would probably be about the same for me.