Bright Flash of Light Multiple Times

Hi there, Just installed our camera and it was facing our living room. At 5:41 some huge flashes of light are visible on the camera and set off the motion sensor. The camera goes from color - to FLASH all white - to black and white - to color - to FLASH - black and white o- color - FLASH - Black and white - color.

There is NOTHING that would come in the windows where the flash seemed to come in. This window is on the second story and we face woods. The road that is in front of our house is pretty far and is also parallel to the windows. it is also down the hill (we sit on a cliff almost)

What could this be? I cannot upload this as I am too new.

Sounds like Night Mode (LEDs) are turning off and on. Were other lights turned off and on?

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It’s probably the filter going back and forth as it gets dark. Under advanced settings turn the night vision off until it’s totally dark outside, then turn it on. I had the same problem for awhile but it’s working ok now in auto mode now. Different light sources affect this e.g. neighbors lights, street lights etc.


No no other lights were goon on or off. I will look for those settings!
Thank you!!

My outdoor camera which is displayed 24/7 on a wall mounted tablet does that a few times every evening and the flash on the tablet always catches my eyes if I’m in the room. It’s right when the light outside is transitioning between day and night. Since the camera doesn’t have any motion sensor and relies on pixel changes and software to detect motion, it triggers an event. My indoor cameras do it to, but I don’t have them set to record motion. I only notic Ed it on those because I can hear the clicking of the internal filter solenoid.

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You might find you don’t really need the LEDs and can leave them off full time, even while leaving Night mode on.

Welcome to the Wyze community Jderosa. I have 15 v2 cams and they all do this around sunrise and sunset for 3-5 minutes when Night Vision Mode is set to Auto. There is a fine line distinguishing between dark enough for Night Vision or not. Your cam is switching back and forth until it’s either dark enough for Night Vision or light enough to do without. Here’s what gets recorded every morning. Note that it’s around the same time as yours…


Yes I run 15 at home and 17each at two other locations. The transition at sundown and sunrise will usually trigger a few cams each day.

Did the flash look like the one i caught? 3 57 and 15s