White flashes trigger motion alert

Hey all. We have the wyze pan and tilt on a shelf in baby’s nursery as a monitor. App is installed on Android (pixel 3 and fire tablet) and iPhone 10. There’s been these bright white flashes that last a few seconds and trigger a motion alert. I’ve gone in the room during the flash and there’s no visible light. There are 2 windows in the room each with mini blinds and room darkening curtains. We’re at a bit of a loss. Also, in the past few days, the number of flashes per night has been increasing.

Welcome to the forums! does it only happen while in night mode and the IR is on? It could be dust or small bugs flying right in front of the camera and lit up bright by the IR lights. Do you have it on video that you could post?

Edit/ the cameras “motion sensor” is actually the camera trigger to changing pixels, so a light or anything that changes pixels will trigger the event.

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Welcome to the community, @amwaldron27. I have increased your trust level on the forum in case you would like to attach some videos or pics. :slight_smile:

this is a stretch, but smoke/co2 detector in the room?
Possibly using IR as part of detection method?

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detect to see if it helps, but yes any change in the pixel of the picture could trigger an event recording. I have a timed light at the porch where my camera is located and every day when the light goes off early in the morning before the sun comes up, it triggers an event. Also if I drive away in the dark, my headlight will flash the cam and trigger another event.

Thanks all. I do have a video I wanted to attach, now I can. There is no smoke or co2 sensor in the room, there is a glass break sensor, but that’s just audio. It only happens at night. The room is at the back of the house and there is no street behind us, there is a long, steep embankment then a highway. It literally looks like a spotlight on the crib, but not visible light. https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/9/937d6e631f9d983b1833024d4826d828bbee860c.mp4


Only at night… and you said nothing is visible. So, it’s when the IR filter is active, and not visible to humans.

Looking at the video, there’s something on (what appears to be) the dresser that also increases brightness… could be a reflection of the source.

Turn the camera to focus on the area where the light appears to be coming from. You’ll find the culprit pretty quickly. .

Is there a second camera or something that has an IR light on it to the right of this one that is pointing at the crib? It looks like that has an IR illuminator that is turning on and off. Like the other poster said, turn this camera to the right and you’ll find the source fairly quickly. Because this camera is in night vision mode, it’ll see IR lights from other sources as well.

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I think I figured it out. Up on the dresser in the bottom right of the frame was the old camera we were using. It must have still been on even though we weren’t using the stream. I unplugged it and took it out of there and nothing happened last night. Thanks all.


White or light flashes do cause motion activation with Wyzecams. I have two Wyzecams that face each other from across a 25-30 foot span. When the infrared lights blink at sunrise, it activates the cam to record a motion incident. Even when a car goes by the house and the headlight cause a little glare on the windows, the cam activates.

Yep, you could see from the shadows being cast that it was coming from the dresser. It looked like IR lights to me, just not the ones on the camera you were using. Anyway, I’m glad you figured it out.