Physical clicking sound?

I’m using an ancient 2 gig sd card in this camera for testing purposes until my new card (out for delivery, thank you Amazon) arrives. This may well be the issue, but after installing the beta app and updating the firmware this morning to the latest, I’m occasionally hearing a physical click. I’m randomly hearing this noise and it’s the same noise I hear when I turn night vision on and off. Any concerns here? If it changes after the new card, I’ll update.

Do you have the night vision in auto mode? Is there moderate light in the room? If so, it is probably the night vision flipping on and off because it’s right at the borderline amount of light to trigger the auto mode.

Not on auto, that’s why I said “when I turn (it) on and off”

Nothing to worry about. It’s not related to your SD card either. It’s the IR cut filter (I believe).