V2 Camera's Clicking Sound

All my V2 cameras make that clicking sound when turn on/off via the app. I know it’s the mechanical movement of the night vision lens but it’s really loud and none of my V3 cameras make this sound. I thought the V3’s had that same mechanical movement in them?

I just tested this and I didn’t hear a sound when I turned it off via the app but when the lens switch from night vision to color is when it does make a sound bc if the lens shuffling

That makes me wonder then if mine are doing it because of how long I have had them in operation.

I purchased a refurbished one, and mine does make a clicking sound when turning off and on. Is it a normal thing, does this happen with all? Or is mine faulty?

Normal. When powering on a camera, the usual start up process is to cycle the night vision mode filter back and forth, and this is the audible mechanical click.