Light Strip Pro Size & Layout

I can’t find the actual thickness and width of the Light Strip Pro. Does anybody have this measurement? Thanks in advance.
Also, I think I understand that the 32’ strip is two 16’ strips connected in the middle via the controller. Is this correct? Does anybody have photos they can share? Thanks so much. Trying to figure out the best layout in relation to power source, etc.

The Light Strip Pro strips are 3/8" wide (0.375", 9.525 mm). Thickness is 1/8" (0.125", 3.175 mm).



Thanks so much! That helps a ton.

Do you know the measurements of the controller? Is it connected to the strip via wires, or is it a physical box in the middle of the strip? Are there any photos of it?


The controller is small… 1.25" wide x 2.66" long x 0.5" thick connected to the strips with 20" long cables. Wall power adapter also plugs into the controller.


Perfect. That’s what I needed. Thank you!