Wyze Light Strip 16ft vs 32ft

For the Wyze Light Strip - Is the controller that comes with the 16ft version identical to the controller that comes with the 32ft version? 16ft model is in stock locally for me, but not 32ft models. My install will require 32ft of lights. So I’m wondering if I can buy two of the 16ft version and just use one of the controllers and connect two light strips to it? Or another way to ask the question is whether it is possible to connect two 16ft Wyze Light Strips to one of the controllers that comes with a 16ft model.

Per Wyze, the answer is no. They don’t currently offer anyway to connect the strips together nor to join cut sections.

In the FAQ it says,“The 32.8” version is actually two 16.4” strips that have the controller in the middle.” The “in the box” section of the 32ft version states “Wyze Light Strip x2”. This leads me to wonder if the connector on the end of the controller is the same for 16ft packgage vs 32ft. I’m not wanting to connect strips together end to end. I’m just wanting to install just as you would with the contents of a 32ft package, but do it with the contents of two 16ft pacakges instead.

Yea I was just looking at that… I have only purchased the 32ft. versions, so I cannot validate if the 16ft. Controller has 2 connectors. The Product>Detail page shows the same controller

I think @spamoni4, has some 16ft strips. Can you see if the 16ft controller has dual or a single strip connector please.


Assuming they are the same, why would you buy two 16ft kits instead of one 32ft kit? I think it would be more expensive and you would then have two controllers and two power supplies.

The 16’ has a single strip connector on it. The power feed does not have the ability to connect 2 strips to it as the 32’ does


Thanks for the info spamoni4!. Guess I’ll have to order a 32’ direct from Wyze and hope it ships sooner than later.


If you have an urgent need and cannot wait, let me know as I have a spare I could send.

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