Wyze Light Strips Pro

Hello guys so i was wondering if i were to cut a light strip pro to fit one side of my wall with the patterns stay the same or will it update to the size so it stays centered.

The controller has absolutely no idea of the actual number of pixels on the strip. It has been programmed to believe that there are 50 pixels and it will send data based on that number. No matter how much you shorten the strip, the controller will send the data assuming that there are 50 pixels.


is it worth it to cut them or not?

Other than voiding the warranty, it is up to you. If it’s a matter of making it fit, I would cut them.


If you cut the strip on one of the designated points, would it really void the warranty? That they can be shortened by cutting is one of the selling points. I haven’t looked it up, I’m just guessing here.

I am making a guess myself.