Light bulbs wont connect to new wifi

Are there instructions somewhere as to how to revert to an earlier version? If we are just downloading an APK, is there a specific one that is recommended?

How to get previous version for easy fix:

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Is there a way to downgrade iOS app on iPhone without jailbreaking it?

Still really annoyed for us longtime users who are getting screwed here. I must have 20 of their products and 5 are offline. Going to have to rethink this.

Join the Wyze Beta program. You can go back to earlier versions of the app with Test Flight.

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I couldn’t see a way to do that on an iPhone. Please, specific steps to downgrade app on iPhone. I understand android will install any apk but that isn’t going to help.

I agree. I wish I had a cheap android phone to downgrade the app…

Use this link to join the beta group, install Test Flight, install latest beta then roll back to previous version.


That worked perfectly. Thank you. Just did it on my iPhone.

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Now the critical question, can you reconnect your devices?


Yes I did! Bulbs and plug.


Thank you for the pointers. I was able to downgrade the iOS app and reconnect all my devices except 4 color bulbs…
I tried all the versions but couldn’t get them connected. Weird how the 2 original bulbs did connect.

I have 2 color bulbs on the same switch so maybe it doesn’t like to connect 2 at the same time???

Try unscrewing one and setup the other. If that works, reverse the connected bulbs. If you get them both connected to the wifi they should work when both get power.

I had an old Wyze bulb die on me this week. Instead of waiting on the fix from Wyze, I just ordered a Color BR30 to replace it. The setup went real smooth. I remembered how difficult setting up the old bulb was, and this one was really easy. It even went through a firmware update smoothly. Hopefully they get the app fixed where we can add old plugs and bulbs, I have about 5 of the old bulbs that have never been setup, that I cannot use right now, and an old plug too!

The 2.47 Android App update solved the old bulb connection problem.
I was able to add a brand new (sealed) one from May of 2020, and one that had already been added before (turned it off/on 3 times to reset it).
They both updated to the current firmware too.

This. Exactly this.

Wyze can see what I’ve spent. They can see how many devices I have, how much I spend on services for them. They can see how long I’ve been a customer.

They don’t care. And that’s ok. But it’s then my dumb fault if I say “thank you, please screw me over again” and say a customer.

That’s why I left wyze. I’ve been with them since late 2017 I think. Have sold them to family abd friends and defended them over and over. Can’t do it anymore.

I’m going to forum post when I’m off all the way with a blank device page before I trash my account.

Vote with your dollars on products. That’s how it changes.

I know you are frustrated, as was I.
But app 2.47.0(373) brought back the ability to get the old bulbs and plugs connected.

I get that. But why was it ever broken to begin with!?

Much like v3pro firmware release issues as of late or all the other firmware issues on many devices, I’d consider myself at fault at this point for continuing to use a product that’s liable to be fundamentally broken on and off for the life of the product.

I use my cams to watch my dryer (meh no big deal) and keep people out of my backyard (very big deal).

It shouldn’t take voting in a forum post on Friday for a company to fix devices they destroy.

For me, not worth saving 20 bucks a device to play all those games.

I too have been a wyze customer for years. They only come with a 1 year warranty but I expect more than that. Do any other products have a better warranty?

The old devices are unnecessarily quirky, likely because of poor source code change management.

I’ve thought about ditching all of my devices to something else, and may do that as old devices die.

I’d be interested in hearing what’s better for price and warranty.

I had similar issues with various cameras and the outdoor plug modules when connecting to newer routers. The 2.4G was setup with WPA2, etc.

I have a couple older routers configured as access points and enabled the guest networks on these “older” routers/AP with a dedicated SSID for cameras and the outdoor switches. When I reconnected the cameras etc. to these older routers my connectivity issues reduced by 99%. Setup completed much quicker and so far the devices stay connected.

Not an option for everyone, but it might help.