Lidar blocked notification on robot vacuum

Only fix is to get a replacement. It has been working flawless using it every other day.

I had gotten in at the beginning (pre-order) and within 8 months, had the Lidar problem. Looking into it, nothing is visibly blocking it, but still did an air spray.
Have since gotten a replacement (08/2021), but now (only 4 months in), having the exact same issue.
Opened a ticket and hoping they get back to me soon. But 2 failures within a years time for the same problem is a bit of a factor.
Looking at it last night, pressing start, it “sounds” like it is trying to get the lidar ring to spin, but then fails again. Did a factory reset and the ring started spinning, then shortly afterward, stopped again. tried 2 more resets, but neither of them got it spinning again.

Really starting to wonder if this has an issue with pet hair (husky and shiba inu, so hair in the house is a given). I keep the wheels and brush clean, but there is not really a way to clear out that periscope area. Going to pull out the 1st unit we had and start tearing it down to see if there is any sort of buildup in there and if so, is there a way to clear it out to restore functionality.
I was a bit surprised they did not send a return label and ask for the old one back so they could have the engineers look into the failure and see what improvements for v2.0 could be implemented.

(content above updated to reflect actual times from original order (11/2020 with first failure in August 2021, 2nd failure in December 2021)

Lidar is belt driven. Belt came off the motor. Repairable!! See a youtube on how to disassemble a Xiaomi. 20 screws are so. Enjoy

Thanks dr.know!, I just called this number to report my error “Obstacles are blocking me. Please help.” message from my 9 month old Wyze LIDAR vacuum and they are sending a replacement. Thanks Wyze!

Just in case anyone needed more details, I just had this happen because Christmas tree pine needles had fallen into the plastic enclosure that houses the lidar sensor and they were blocking it from moving freely.

I ultimately had to open it up by popping off the top/back plate with a plastic pry tool (no screws here), unscrewing the plastic fasteners that hold the lid (3 screws each) and then removing the lidar cover (4 screws). Turns out the little rubber belt that makes it spin had come off completely, so I cleaned it out with compressed air and reattached the belt to the pulley and it works great again now.


Perfect explanation of the problem, thank you. I was able to fix mine by telling it to start a clean routine, then reaching in and spinning the LIDAR sensor puck clockwise with my finger.

I assume that got the belt back on the pulley somehow, because it then started spinning on its own and resumed cleaning.

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