Letter from the Founders!

The founders sent out a nice letter to everyone about everything good they did and how much they will improve things.

But all of it was a lie! How about fixing the AI issues? How about fixing all of the software instead of constantly releasing new products? How about fixing replacement filter shortages? How about fixing customer service?

The AI for me will see a person walking a dog but not the dog. Often the recording will stop even though the subjects were still moving. If I set the event recording to all motion events then I get tons of video from things I could care less about. If set it to smart detection to reduce this, then it usually missed events I want to see. At least 25% of my recordings show the recording lengths in minutes yet the actual videos are in seconds. For instance, event recording showed it was 3m27s, yet when I viewed it, it was only 10 seconds. Half of my recordings end up being only pictures with no video. And now the app freezings on me as I try to view through all the recordings. The problems are not by router or my phone, it’s their software.

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Resist, I hope things improve for you. You’ve been having a hell of a time, lately. To a new year. :beers:

Log# 1274341
Log# 1274367
Log# 1274639

Just more video’s that won’t download into the cloud. And now most of the video’s won’t even load up to play. Oh yea and even more freezing of the app.

Wyze fix this! There seem to be issues with iOS 17.2.1 and it’s making my cameras useless…again!