Leak/Water Sensor - Placement suggestions

I am looking for some input on how others have/are using the leak sensors ie: placement.

Where are you using them?

Where are you placing them?

I guess roughly the places to use them would be:

Under 2 bathroom sinks
Under 2 toilets
Showers/baths??? - I am stumped here as one shower is not your traditional shower,
Kitchen Sink

Its not really applicable for my water heater as its an instant on type, and its outside and I doubt these things are that "weather resistant.’ If they are great… but I am betting no.

I have another off schedule use in mind, but that is based on how “waterproof” these things are. ie submersible rated? I doubt it…The situation is that it would only be “submersed” in the failure condition I am wishing to detect. Nothing very deep, but it could be “underwater” in an extreme failure… The ideal is to detect this BEFORE that. :slight_smile: (YES this is vague, and lacking of details, that is on purpose, sorry, I have my reason for withholding this right now) I’ve got an idea on use case to avoid summersion and still detect the alarm event… but more info on the level of water these things can deal with would be good…

So I’d like to hear/read about your placement and use of these for the various items I’ve listed above. And comments on the “submersible” situation


  • Near water heaters, as they can develop cracks or leaks over time.
  • Under or next to sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers as they are prone to clogging and overflowing.
  • Next to washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances that use water, as they can malfunction or leak.
  • In the basement, especially near sump pumps, drains, and pipes, as they can flood due to heavy rain or burst pipes.
  • In the attic, crawl space, or garage, as they can have hidden leaks or condensation that can cause mold or damage.
  • Near windows, doors, and skylights, as they can leak during storms or due to poor sealing.
  • If you have a swamp cooler, put one near that.
  • Probably put one near your main water line.
  • Probably consider putting one under anywhere that you know has a pipe joint. This happened to me recently…one of the joints had the sealant weaken and start leaking and a leak detector saved me a lot of damage! See the following: Leak detected and siren woke the dead! - #41 by carverofchoice

The Probe will let you get a sensor into smaller tight cracks and fit under things.

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All the places @carverofchoice mentioned and more.

I shared a lot of use cases in this thread. Check it out.

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Thanks for the replies… the thread sort of hints to what my “off label” use case… somewhat…

The location suggestions, are great, I’ve pretty much got those covered… As I original posted, my water heater is outside and not one of the typical tankkind, its a tankless setup…

My main interest here is actual PLACEMENT of the sensors to get the best response…

Water is a fickle woman… and does things you that make you go “what??? How in the world does this happen!”

I guess the other question that has developed after reading some of this is… the alerts…

The alerts are not going to sound via the Sense Hub??? There are NO cameras inside my home and I have no plans to do put any camera inside , or not any that are potentially accessible outside my network…

But again, I am after more for how the SENSORS/PROBES were placed for OPTIMUM (yeah I know…rrhotsa rhuck rhaggy! ) use case…

I guess also for my “off label” case I may have to do what I am doing in another “off label” case with a climate sensor and put the “sensor” into a weatherproof box and the probe into its “location.” Which I am fine with that… I know these things were not meant to be “outside” like this… again, both are “off label” use cases. My problem. Yes, vague,

Looking at these things, I am just not seeing the “alert before major damage” has occurred, if not placed properly… Hence the why I am after how others have done the setup/install of them…

Seems that a lot of water is going to have flowed by the time some of the events might be triggered, unless placed properly…

Washers, as a example, if I am dragging that thing out of its niche, I am doing it once! :slight_smile:

Trying to “outwit” water seems like a futile game. :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:

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