Leak Sensor

This may be an odd ask but I bought a leak sensor for a main drain in the basement that backs up from time to time. It never causes any damage but it’s a sign that I need the main drain snaked. I didn’t have any issues or notifications until recently. I wasn’t aware that a leak detected would set off the alarm and notify the Moonlight. Is there a way to only have a phone notification for specific sensors or have it set off the alarm based on what the system is set to? e.g., Home/disarmed = phone notification only / Away = alarm goes off…etc.

I know this is possible, but I don’t know how to since I do not have the HMS. Somewhere in the HMS settings you can add or remove armed sensors. I didn’t know it automatically added them, but I guess in most cases that would make sense for security. See if there is a setting similar to that in your HMS.

I’m sure someone else will chime in with more details.

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Ah looks like I can take it out from being monitored but will I get a phone notification if I do that?

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Yea, in the leak sensors settings you should be able to enable notifications (if they aren’t already) and remove it from monitoring in the HMS settings

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Just confirming for @IEatBeans. 100% correct.

Remove the sensor from the Environment Sensor list in Monitoring Settings to remove it from the Noonlight Alarm Monitoring. Set notifications in the individual Sensor Settings to set it to alert you.

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I knew I was missing something. This is awesome. Thank you, @IEatBeans & @SlabSlayer!!