Leak Sensor Polling Interval

Does anyone know how often the leak sensors report into the hub? Not reporting when a leak is detected (that seems to be instant) but reporting things like battery and signal strength?

I just purchased some leak sensors and wanted to see what would happen in the event of a hardware failure (dead battery in the sensor or just a faulty sensor). I pulled the battery out of one of the leak sensors 4 hours ago. The Wyze app still reports the sensor as “Normal” currently. If a sensor dies, but the app says it’s “Normal”, I could have a flood and never know it which is a little concerning.

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Welcome to the community @Whellie

I believe it is somewhere between a 7-9 hour interval for a status ping.

I am unsure if the hub polls the sensor on a schedule for every 7-9 hours, or if the sensor keeps track and is set to push a minimum of every 7-9 hours to tell the Hub it is still online. Either way, the reason for the long interval is presumably to extend the battery life as long as possible while still having a reasonable status confirmation at least a couple times per day just to make sure we know if/when it gets low or goes offline.

To be clear though, the above is simply me answering based on my experience and is not an official answer from Wyze on the ping interval.