Landscape View For Tablets

I’min queue for the stool sampler!

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That is unfortunate

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I actually got this instantly. Pop music is Scary. Could be hidden messages in there. :worried:

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Yeah I thought it was obvious. And then remembered I am old. :slight_smile:

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Play it backwards….

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Regardless of the bubble gum holder, I saw we abandon this thread at 666 posts.

Maybe they’ll get the hint.

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In anticipation, here’s a coupla sixy guys…

image image

Happy Friday @WyzeJasonJ

Anything to report back to us #Landscape Yearning #iPad and #Android Tablet users?


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I’ve posted this in another thread and maybe even here, but don’t recall.

I don’t think I’ve ever got an answer to why Wyze can’t do as Amcrest has done here:


I can 'live" with this until Wyze figures out how to do a true LANDSCAPE app

Anyone from Wyze want to answer this specific question?


And now it’s time to jump back on the Landscape soapbox.

Any new news?

OK…I’m off the soapbox now.

You may go about your normal, no Landscape type of day,

that is all,



I suspect because they have to balance the number of hours (massive, when you consider how many lines of code the app has) vs return on investment.

They are interested in doing this though (RE; Researching), so bear with them. :slight_smile:

if they could fix at minimum the obvious failure - the fact that when you try to see a camera group in landscape mode, there is NO navigation at all to go back.

It could simply fixed by either remove the landscape view for Camera group (would be bad solution but possible) or do the same display as a single camera in landscape mode (a disappearing top bar with the group name and the navigation button that show when you touch a given area… or make it even not disappearing at all if they are concern of the navigation issue it could cause as touching a given camera tile do actually navigate to that camera).

So there is at least a way to navigate back from here without the need to rotate the tablet to access a way to go back to the menu. I can navigate the portrait application afterward without rotation. just missing that ONE step in the way…

All I am asking for now… a full landscape supported application can come way later once they figure it out and redesign the whole thing with that in mind in that very hypothetical application v3 that may come one day.

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Add me to the list of users requesting landscape mode or at least a back button from a camera group.

:laughing::hear_no_evil::wink: Ummm, I don’t know if this has ever been suggested before but have you guys thought about landscape mode for the tablets​:grin::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::poop::zzz::zzz::zzz:

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Did someone say Landscape?


Someone daydreaming I am afraid…

Hmm, it’s a little hard to tell from the cropping but was @nixhome2020 's avatar photo taken in portrait mode itself? :wink:

Landscape with the Wyze Splash screen says it all:


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Perhaps the same as WYZE is doing…

Daydreaming, Hoping that those of us that want Landscape would just go away and quit stirring the pot…

This Pot Stirring would go away very easily if Wyze would simply be transparent and let us know it is, or is not going to happen.

Four years+ is more than enough time for WYZE to have made a decision on this BUG.

What say you WYZE? Landscape or NO Landscape?

Stir The Pot