Lamp socket won’t finish update

No category for lamp socket. Updating of lamp socket has been going for 34 minutes now. What are my options so I do t brick it?

Close the app.

Open the app back up. Go check and see if it finished updating or if the update failed (is it on the new firmware or the old one?)

Use the app to turn it on and off, if it is still functioning, you’re okay either way.

Mostly likely it just means that the app didn’t update the status on the “Updating” screen but it didn’t really take that long.

By now it’s been at least an hour. If you are still having issues, it’s probably safe to powercycle everything as the update will have either succeeded or failed and a power cycle shouldn’t have a negative impact at this point as the device will have timed out and reverted and won’t be actively writing on the firmware anymore anyway.


I finally did close app and reboot socket/camera V3 and after it came back up it did show that it was updated. It never did time out. It was still showing the gears spinning when I finally closed app.

Thanks for the reply


Yeah, that happens sometimes. The device will have completed or timed out but the app still shows it as in the process of updating when it no longer is. :man_shrugging: Oh well, I’m glad it did update for you okay :+1: even if the app update screen didn’t notice when it was done.