Lamp Socket Bulb Always On

I find it odd that there is no mention of the Wyze Socket anywhere under the support section and there is no available tag for it here when creating a forum topic about it. It’s like it doesn’t exist so I had to use an incorrect tag.

I have the socket installed into my front entryway lamp. It has a V3 cam connected and a standard 60w LED bulb installed into the Wyze socket. The camera works fine. When viewing the live camera feed there is a bulb icon near the top. When I press it the light turns off like I want however as soon as I go back to the Wyze app home screen it comes right back on.

I am going around in circles on the support section and can never find out how to actually open a ticket. The chatbot is useless and never let’s me open a ticket either. Customer service sounded clueless and hung up on my after being hold for 15 minutes.

I though I might be able to create a 12am - 12pm rule to keep the light off but under the camera actions menu there is no options to control power as if the socket doesn’t even exist.

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It is there, but it is not a standalone product, it is an accessory for the cameras, so on the support page it is under:
Products - Cameras - Wyze Cam Accessories - Wyze Lamp Socket

I’m guessing you tried to find it under lighting…but since it’s not a standalone product, it’s under camera accessories.

Here is a direct link to the Wyze Lamp Socket Support area:

Same issue for the tags. Tags are limited to the appropriate category. So the lamp-socket tag can only be used in the Camera category since it is a Camera accessory (not a standalone product, just something the camera does).


You can search for the tag to find all the posts about it…there have been at least 50 posts that have used that tag so far:

Those are the ways to contact them. I usually do it by email though. Much more convenient and done on my time when I have time to spare. I go through the support bot and always try to pick email instead of calling or chat. You might be able to initiate a support interaction by straight up emailing directly to support at wyze dot com

The Lamp sockets are best controlled using the settings (open camera, click the settings gear icon - Accessories - Lamp Socket)

I wish there were more options, but at this time they are fairly limited for general use.
I use them to automate the lighting in my basement kitchen. I also have some to set up outside that I haven’t gotten to…but the rules engine doesn’t have a lot of options for these right now.

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Thank you for the reply @carverofchoice and the link. Yes I figured out yesterday finally that it is an accessory and am now able to turn the light off during the day. I also discovered that typing “human” into the chatbot gets me the real link to open a ticket.

I am having an issue with rules though. I have created a rule which turns the light on at night when the v3 detects motion. It works fine but the light stays on once triggered. I do not see an action of “does not detect motion” for the camera so how can I get the light to turn back off after a few minutes?

Yeah, we have been asking for that rule trigger (motion clears/stops on camera) for a long time.

For now, I set up the timer in the lamp settings instead of rules. My lamp socket settings timer is set to 3 minutes. This means that the lights stay on as long as there is motion and then stay on until there has been no motion for at least 3 minutes. If you have a timer set and it still never turns off, it might require that you set up detection zones or reduce the motion sensitivity. It’s possible some plants or shadows are making the camera think there is always motion.

If one wants to use rules, then it can be paired to a motion sensor. And the motion sensor allows controlling it via rules.

Circling back to this. @carverofchoice - do you have an issue with the bulb sometimes not turning off even with the timeout setting? It seems to b intermittent but happens several times a week for me.

YES!!! Thank you for mentioning it! I have an employee working with us and the lamp socket team to try to resolve this exact issue right now!

Please join me in the discussion in this thread over here:

If you are willing to help get this resolved, please grab a log for WyzeDesmond. Open the cam with the lamp socket, Go into the cam settings (the gear icon on the top right) Then click on Wyze Support → submit a Log → Lamp Socket Issues

–and then submit it and post the reference number in there, tag WyzeDesmond so he sees the log so he can forward it on to the developers and hopefully get this fixed for us. :slight_smile:

That would be awesome if you’ll help us get that fixed. I submitted a log to him in that thread already myself. It is helpful for them to have more than 1 log though so they can see similarities and patterns to figure out the cause.

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