Control Lamp Socket Light with Camera off

This is regarding the Wyze cam V3 with a Wyze lamp socket.

Please add a way to control the light bulb with the camera off.

There should be independant control of the lamp socket power and the Cam on/off, so you can turn off the Cam and still control the light bulb.

Presently if the Cam is turned off there is no access to the Light unless you manualy turn off the wall switch and then turn it on again.


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I VOTED and I totally agree with this … the bulb should be able to be controlled independently from the camera … once installed there’s no way to control the lightbulb aside from the on/off button in the camera controls from the app.
This turns the smart bulb into a dumb bulb and defeats the purpose of the smart bulb and all its features :disappointed::frowning:.

It would be great if the bulb could be controlled as it is without the socket :unamused:. Or at least if I was able leave the bulb on all night rather than only have it turn on when motion is detected it would be great … please Wyze do something about this :pray:

Yay! Wyze fixed this issue… now there’s an option under settings labeled “Accessories” select it and you can manage the bulb or other accessories you might have depending on the device :+1: :clap:

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Just to clarify, are you talking about the option to leave the socket turned on all night or the ability to control the socket even with the camera off (which this wishlist is about)?

I have the latest app and firmware and I turned off the camera and then tried to control the lamp sockets, and I couldn’t even access the accessories section, and definitely couldn’t control the lamp sockets still.

I can do all of that if I leave the camera turned on, but if I turn it off, there is still no access at all to changing the lamp socket status, nor access the lamp socket in the accessories section.

I think you must have accessed it while the camera was turned on. Will you try turning the camera off and trying again?

Or did you just mean you now found the option to let you leave the socket turned on all night? (That has been there since the day they launched), as you mentioned that in the previous post. Just want to make sure someone doesn’t misunderstand thinking this wishlist request was launched/fixed when it doesn’t appear to be yet.

No sorry the socket and bulb still cannot be controlled with the camera off but at least now I can control the smart bulb and change its settings with the camera on …I couldn’t do that before.

The only way to control the socket with the camera off is if you remove the camera from it and plug the camera somewhere else.

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