Wyze cam v3 lost ability to control light bulb socket

My wyzecam v3 lost the ability to control the light bulb socket recently. I am running the firmware version & plugin version

It used to display a ‘bulb’ icon where I could turn the bulb on and off. I tested on several android devices (tablet, phone, emulator). I tried rebooting the tablets/phones/emulator and reinstalling. I tried powering on/off the v3 cam. I did a factory reset to the v3 and it fixed it temporarily (for 4 days) then the bulb icon disappeared again.

some random notes:
I am using the original factory power cables,
I have numerous v2/v3 cameras and they have perfect 1080p so the WIFI signal is not the issue.
I am using a 64GB microSD card
I have no rules/schedules set up for the lamp v3.

When you go to the cams settings > accessories, do you see the lamp socket and are able to click into its settings?

Try removing power from the lamp socket. Unscrew it or flip the breaker.

Also if you have another cable (MUST BE A DATA CABLE) you can try, to see if the existing cable is damaged.

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Here’s what I did and it seems to have solved the issue.

1 - Delete the v3 camera from the app.
2 - Re-add v3/lamp combo BUT give it a new name (does not work if using the previous name)
For example, if the original name is ‘Patio’, re-add it but call it ‘Patio2’

If you are reusing the original name, the bug persists and the v3 camera cannot see the lamp socket.

UPDATE: lamp socket control stopped after 4 hours . I’m back to square one


It seems my v3 cannot see the lamp socket.

Hmm, try removing power from the socket for a few seconds

If I remove the power and turn on the socket, the lightbulb will stay on and I cannot turn it off since the v3/app cannot see the socket.

I doubt that the name has any impact since Wyze tracks by serial number or MAC or some other identifier in the app and on the servers. That’s why you can rename the device without losing settings or rules.

I unplugged the camera from the socket and it seems to be working again…

Fingers crossed that it’s going to keep working…

I just installed a lamp socket and V3 cam to my porch light this weekend and am having the same woes, I have tried all kinds of combos of resetting and reinstalling the devices. Light would come on but I couldn’t control it properly. I just purchased a strong wi- fi extender and plan to put that into the mix tomorrow, Maybe I am on the fringe of my router connection.

So far - the most trouble free camera I have bought was the pan-cam. Works like a charm. V3 cams have been sporadic.

I”ll report back tomorrow on my results with adding in the wi-fi extender to hopefully push more signal out to my porch to make the lamp socket & v3 happy.

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Same issue here. Wyze sent me a new lamp socket and I still can’t control it through the V3 cam in the app. It doesn’t even show up as an accessory any longer.

Are you using the included cable?

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