Cam v3 plus socket question

I am using a socket to power my v3s. Naturally, I need to leave the power to the socket on all the time. How do I use the light bulb like I normally would? I want to turn it on whenever and turn it off whenever. Suggestions? Thanks.

There are a few ways to turn it on/off manually. You can tap on the light bulb icon in the live stream to turn on/off:

Light will remain on as long as you are streaming. Light turns off as soon as you end streaming even if you have Lamp Control setting to keep bulb on for X minutes.

You can create Rule/Shortcuts to turn on/off. If you tap the shortcut button to turn on, the light will remain on until you tap a turn off shortcut button or turn off via the light bulb icon in the live view.


@Dan_E , If you have a Wyze Switch you can add a Rule to say when you turn the Wyze Switch on, turn on the Wyze Lamp Socket. Here is an example:

When Switch is on, turn on socket. you ill need to setup one for when switch is off, turn off socket.


Thanks for the solutions. I hadn’t noticed the light bulb icon. I thought there had to be a simple fix. :slight_smile:

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