Wyze Bulb in Wyze Socket?

We just installed a Wyze socket with V3 cam (which we leave on all the time) in our front porch. We removed the light bulb because we don’t want it to be on all the time. If I put a Wyze bulb in the socket will I be able to control it independently? In other words, have the bulb off when the camera is on?

Hope someone can enlighten me :slight_smile:

That should work with the socket with no need for a smart bulb.


Thanks for your reply. I do need it to be a smart bulb because I want to be able to change the colour and control whether the bulb is off or on using the app.

So will that work?

The bulb should be off when the controller V3 says so, so it should not be on all the time.

The camera is always on; the bulb is controlled by the camera. So the camera is intended to be the control device, but if you decide to turn it off when the bulb is on, then that is something you can do from the app. Either from the bulb device or the camera.

The smart bulb will automatically preserve its color and intensity, but if you want it to also preserve whether it is off or on, set “Power Loss Recovery” to “Maintain Previous State”.

The bulb off or on can be controlled by the controlling camera.

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