Wyze Lamp Socket and Wyze Bulb White Compatibility

Is the Wyze Bulb White compatible with the Wyze Lamp Socket?

Yes it is, but the lamp socket is designed for traditional “dumb” bulbs, and the socket allows you to turn the bulb on and off as well as power the camera. If you want to use the dimming and color temperature changing features of the bulb, then just set the lamp socket to always on, and control the bulb through the bulbs interface. Motion detection may not work for turning on and off the bulb though, as you would need rules


I appreciate your reply! My first lamp socket worked for about 30 minutes or so and then it would no longer power my camera or the bulb I initially had in there.

Make sure the fixture you installed it in doesn’t have a timer or light sensor or anything on it. The socket needs constant power