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So I have 12 Wyse Cam’s all over the place, we had some car prowlings and I just went to check the video on one of them…

Nada, Zip, Bugger all, any clues as to why or in this case why not !?!?

It’s a Wyze Cam v3, running the firm, its set to continuous and on, and the SD card is NOT full, and the entire playback says “No vid”

Are these things child-proof now? Is that why I can’t get it to work? :slight_smile:


I am suspecting a connectivity issue with the app receiving the video data from the cam rather than the cam not recording. It will do that if the WiFi connection isn’t strong enough.

Load the card in an external reader And see if there is video in the Record folder.


Painful loading and scrubbing @ 8.2 KB/s. :expressionless: You should be seeing somewhere between 30-180 KB/s over local WiFi. Significantly less over cellular.

Also, your card is full and overwriting oldest footage. And if your card is formatted to FAT32, formatting to exFAT will speed up access.


Clarification for OP: full and overwriting is normal operating conditions, and formatting will ERASE everything on the card.

Sounds like connectivity issues like others said


Hi Seapup,

OK, thanks for the advice, I’ll pull the cards and check them as one of the problems maybe.

Now as far a connectivity that’s surprising. The cameras are right outside front door but only 20 feet away from a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR. There is also 3 of them in the house so as far as connectivity goes, it does seem odd that it might be the case? Here’s the stats I just pulled maybe the bad link might be between the cell phone and the cameras?


Wyze Bobbi Car Cam 98% GANGNET LR WIFI 1.99 MB 1.74 MB 21m 7s
Wyze Art Cam 100% GANGNET LR2 WIFI 45.9 KB 117 KB 29m 35s
Wyze Back Yard Cam 100% GANGNET LR2 WIFI 180 KB 581 KB 23m 20s
Wyze Bed Cam 94% GANGNET LR2 WIFI 473 KB 2.12 MB 23m 7s
Wyze Daves Car Cam 99% GANGNET LR WIFI 30 KB 75.3 KB 22m 34s
Wyze Deck Cam 100% GANGNET LR2 WIFI 20.9 KB 98.3 KB 30m 22s
Wyze Front Door Cam 98% GANGNET LR WIFI 3.15 MB 272 KB 23m 9s
Wyze Living Room1 100% GANGNET LR2 WIFI 339 KB 1.33 MB 23m 26s
Wyze Living Room2 100% GANGNET LR WIFI 385 KB 1.43 MB 23m 3s
Wyze Side Yard Cam 100% GANGNET LR WIFI 329 KB 1.89 MB 22m 48s
Wyze Side Yard Cam 100% GANGNET LR2 WIFI 27.1 KB 101 KB 30m 19s

Can you make any suggestions that I can do or try to the camera to fix the connection issues?


Cam-to-AP speeds look slow to me. I have over 50 cams and the slowest is still over 100Mbps from cam to router using a Google mesh network with 6 APs.

Keep in mind that “link” is cam > access point/router (WiFi network) > viewing device, not cam > viewing device.

Try restarting “Car Cam” so it reestablishes a connection to an AP, tap Airplane Mode on your viewing device then tap it again to reestablish connection between viewing device and an AP. Then without moving around your house/yard, check Car Cam. Some phones/tablets get stuck and hold a WiFi connection even though you’ve moved to a location where an AP has a better connection leaving you with a poor connection to the farther AP.

If that still doesn’t work, unplug all 12 cams, replug Car Cam, wait for it to reestablish connection to network, run a throughput test and compare results to what you listed above. If the speed is still slow, your cam is probably not connecting to the nearest/best AP. If speed from cam to AP has significantly improved, also check speed between phone/tablet and AP.

Yea, I think you’re right as well …

What gets me is my access point is actually 3 separate Ubiquiti Access Points - one mini outside on the desk and two LR’s as well, one in the living room and one in the bedroom at the other end of the house, and the bloody place is only 1400 sp feet. (4 level split)

God knows why I’m seeing these crappy connection speeds. When I get motivated again I’ll pull the cards and get a few new ones and try that ex-FAT formatting and see what that does as one fix.

I’ll attempt to get on to the Ubiquiti’s forums and see if they have any suggestions for the cameras, they’re support isn’t that spectacular but with their cloud key as the controller you can see what’s going on in some places.

I have all the impt stuff on a gigabit network backbone anyway so at least the PC’s are happy.

Thanks a ton for the help and suggestions too BTW folks, its appreciated.


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