Keeping an eye on my boat in its slip

My WYZE Cam 3 mounted in an outdoor mount (although Cam 3 is an interior model) has been keeping an eye on my boat in its slip for two years using the marina’s wi-fi.


I bet that is extremely reassuring! It is such a clear picture too.

Apparently, there is a nearby outlet on the dock for power then?


Yes there is “shore-power” (110v AC) available on the dock. The V3 Cam is installed in a Voyaux exterior wall mount which works well through all sorts of weather and splashing. Great to be able to keep an eye on my boat’s tie from miles away, particularly when the wind and wave action kicks up. Great product for the price, good value.



Just an FYI, the V3 is outdoor/indoor rated. However, it is smart to enclose it given where you decided to mount it.

As @carverofchoice stated that is a great Picture.


I’ve also got WYZE V2 Cams on the four corners of my home installed in the same Voyaux exterior wall mounts and they have worked fine for several years so far. All of my WYZE cams have 64g micro cards installed (even though 32g is recommended by WYZE) which gives a couple of weeks of continuously recorded HD audio / video for look back reference.

Yea, I have v2’s outside, at my in-laws, in a housing. Been outside for years without issue as well. :slight_smile:

Gotta love what you did. Great job.