Keeping an event

Hello all,

I’m not clear on how I would actually keep an event from the cam. I’ve got a micro SD card inserted and I know it will record a certain amount of days before it wipes and begins again… that’s fine but if there is an event I want to keep for proof/evidence, how do I do that exactly?

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Welcome to the Wyze community @hddave57!
First, go to the “playback” in the camera live-stream. Next, find the event you want to save on the timeline. Finally, start the playback 5-10 seconds before the event you want to record and hit the “record”. Press the “record” button to stop.
Hers a video to help:


You can also do that within the Wyze app, by going to playback and scrolling to the event you want to save, and then you can record whatever length of video you want with the record and screenshot options on the video.

This is useful if you don’t have a pc to view the SD card on.


Welcome to the Wyze community Dave.

If your Event is still within the past 14 days and you haven’t deleted it from the cloud, just make a copy of the Event:

On your Android viewing device, go into Events.
Start playing the Event you wish to save locally.
With your Android device in portrait mode orientation, tap the event video once while playing.
Tap the download icon.

Wait for the “Saved successfully to system gallery” message to appear.

Your complete Event video is now saved locally on your viewing device’s storage and accessible to Google Photos or any Android file manager/image viewer.


I would like to keep or share a video with sound. I tried the download option when playing back the video. The video will play, but I get a message the audio cannot be played back. Is there a way to have the audio saved or a way to share just this video (with audio) with another person?