I've got an itch I can't scratch

I’ve tried everything. Still. Can’t scratch it.

Back to troubleshooting internet-of-thingery, I guess.

How have things come to this??

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Are you seeking suggestions on how to locate the itch so you can scratch it yourself, help in reaching a previously located itch to scratch it yourself, or are you expecting someone else to scratch it for you?

Perhaps if you provide more detailed information, it would assist us in getting you the help you are seeking.


Look, I figured the tech boy snuggle cuddle would cure it but no, it just made it worse. It shouldn’t do that!

So, no, I don’t know, just seeking to commiserate with other itchy people, I guess, stop being such a guy trying to ‘fix’ everything somtimes just talking can ‘cure!’ :grin:

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I’ll Play


Ha ga ga ga well blow me down
I can’t stop rockin’ to the funky sound
So stands back Oyles and lets be finished
While I chill out with a can of spinach


God father of soul that’s who I am
When I get the itch I start to jam
Get funky ahh, get funky AHHHHH


:warning: Scratchy itched until he bleeds.

This reminds me of something :thinking:

DEAL! Here I go:

So…using your own assessment against you…

Hmm…can’t figure out how to scratch his own itch = CHECK? :white_check_mark:

  • Vent Flag :white_check_mark:

I’m going to rate your post as a Vent Flag, and it’s not clear whether you were even able to locate the problem, and definitely couldn’t solve it yourself, so I’m going to rate your aptitude for this matter as beginner.

  • Itch Scratching Aptitude: Begginner :white_check_mark:

But since it seems to be a vent assessment with no clear explanation or information in the initial post, I’m not sure if you want me to even bother responding with a solution suggestion. :smiley: Respond in kind and all that.

Heh, thanks for the self assessment guide we can use on your own posts buddy, it’s coming in handy already! :rofl:

Oh…sorry, ignore everything above this line then. :laughing:

Oh nevermind, you may pay attention to everything in this post after all. :upside_down_face:

You’re welcome. Don’t mind me, carry on, I have faith in your ability to learn how to scratch the itch…You know what they say about giving vs teaching how to fish… :slight_smile:

Nothin but love my peep buddy! :smiley:



Hoist by my own petard.

Thanks, Carvermeister! :clap:

May you stay forever young. :notes:


Scratching the Surface
Be reasonable. Be able of reason.

An important legal word. An important practical word.

A useless word.

Be reasonable.

Is a government capable in practice?
Is a corporation capable in practice?
Is a business capable in practice?
Is a society capable in practice?
Are people capable in practice?

If they are capable, are they interested, and motivated, to hash it out, because that’s what it takes, to be reasonable.

No. They. Are. Not.

Be reasonable.

Don’t engage me. I can’t argue it. I am itchy. :slightly_frowning_face:

But these boys here are reasonable:

And rarin’ to go.

I thank you for their support. :slight_smile:
See ‘law,’ ‘spirit & practice,’ (1) ea

Okay that’s just weird synchronicity that I posted the song quote on your different thread, not even knowing how it lead off with the itch quote.

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:crystal_ball: :clap:


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