Its August and bad July wyzecam firmware is still being pushed?

my wyzecams are embedded in hard to reach locations, so I usually i defer updating of any firmware by a few weeks to avoid trouble. well i saw the last FW was dated July 21 and reasoned i could go ahread & update half of my cameras. The FW bricked all of these. I came to the forums and saw Wyze has been getting flak for this for a month.
Why is wyze still pushing bad FW? it should be removed from general distribution as soon as the first reports came in that it was bricking devices. If someone wants to volunteer to beta test unfinished work, he can load it manually off an sd card (like I had to do with a dozen of my cameras , some on the roof).


I keep on advising.
Take it slow and easy when upgrading cams, especially those that you can’t easily reflash.
Especially if the FW doesn’t offer a lot of improvement.

yes, thats wise counsel.

I cannot fathom the lack of logic used by Wyze when it comes to updating firmware, it seems to me that they attempt to fix an issue or two and in the process somehow manage to break other things (features) that were working fine… Their QA seems spotty at best and along with that issue there is the glaring issue of support either not getting back to people with problems or in a worse situation, not having an answer.

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It’s the Wyze dance, two steps forward, one step back. Seen more often running Beta :slight_smile: