Camera Update Frustration

I’m just here to express my frustration with the fact that EVERY DAMN TIME I OPEN THIS APP SIMPLY TO TAKE A QUICK GLANCE AT ANY OF MY CAMERAS I HAVE TO GO THROUGH 10 MINUTES OF UPDATES. Can we just chill out with the freaking updates. Now Ive run into another problem. I’m not home and will be out of town for a few days and 2 of my cameras didn’t update properly and need to be power cycled. Tried to do it from the app but of course they aren’t connected anymore since the update failed. Is it really necessary to release an update weekly?!?!? And why isn’t there an option for them to automatically update?!

Most of us seasoned users have learned to put WiFi plugs on our cameras to be able to remotely power cycle the camera if needed.

Suggest not using a Wyze brand WiFi plug either :bangbang:


Been a Wyze guy for about 6 years and never thought of that. Hahahaha absolutely brilliant.

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First of all, the only way you are getting updates that often is if YOU asked to be in the Beta program. Production updates are no where near that often. If you don’t want to be in the Beta program, opt out of it.

Second, VERY seldom are updates required. If it pops up and says there is an update, you can normally tell it not to update at that time. So 10 minutes or updates every time you try to look at a camera is BS.

Lastly, I still would like to know how people are bricking cameras with firmware updates. I have been using Wyze cameras for over 4 1/2 years, have over 40 devices (mostly cameras), am in the beta program for everything, and install almost every beta version. That means I have done thousands of Wyze firmware updates. In all that time, I have bricked exactly ONE camera. I do get failure to updates somewhat regularly, but only once has a camera really bricked - and that was recovered with a uSD card firmware reload.

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Been here since the beginning (practically) 4.5 years also…

24 V3’s
16 V2’s
1 original Pan-Cam (V1?)

Had the Pan-Cam get semi-bricked, SD Flashed to fix
Had one V2 get semi-bricked, SD Flashed to fix

Had one V2 have image sensor start to show bad pixels in the video - Hardware failing

Had one V2 just recently lose the IR illuminator - Hardware failure.

So out of 41 cams 2 had failed. Just under 5% failure rate for me, but to me that is acceptable.

Pretty sure you missed the entire point of my post. The cameras can and will be fixed, I’m just not home to do it. The original frustration was with the amount of updates that seem to be taking place WAY too often.

I’m actually fine with the cadence and frequency. That said, I usually defer the updates for a bit before updating mine and I’m going to add in “do I have time to troubleshoot or power cycle my cameras right now?” As a gut check on hitting the update button.

And you apparently ignored my response. If you are getting weekly updates, then you are in the beta program. And the only way you got there was by asking to be in the beta program. Opt out…