Issues with v1 firmware v3.9.3.62

Have you tried to re-flash the firmware as described in the posts linked above?

Thanks, I’ll try it. Believe it or not I don’t have a microSD card laying around or in my cameras yet. This “POKED” me to get off my butt and get a couple. Once I get to the store and back I will give this a try.

Make sure it’s a Class 10 card. And you may want to check Amazon, etc. Maybe cheaper than the store. You should be able to get a 32GB card for apron $10-11.

exactly. I ordered 3 and I am a prime so SAME DAY…should have them by this evening. I have 2 cameras and a 3rd on the way. time to setup the “Extended” functions of the camera. Got my first one last year and fell in love. These are the first problems I encountered with the camera itself. The other issues I had were with the APP.


So just did the update to my least important camera (have three). It went to 99% and then said failed.

I also noticed after it said failed other devices dropped off the net. Really weird but that radio dropped away with the update. Other radio stayed okay. Rebooted WRT and things came back up and the camera I did update says it is updated after all

so hoping unrelated but odd my stable WRT had an issue right as I finished the update…

which I am also getting some live stream delays on the new firmware. At least the time stamp seems to only update every 3 seconds

If flashing the firmware does not work, please open a support ticket and let me know the ticket # so I can get you taken care of. Thanks!

thank you, will do. what about the Android APP comment, is anyone else seeing this?? I uninstalled and re-installed same deal. the little light blueish camera loading GIF stays in the middle of the screen. I have not updated my phone APP yet, only my tablet


Wyze&Shine, thank you. The 32Gb SD cards came, I followed the V1 instructions using the .62 Firmware and everything is up and working again…you guys ROCK!!! Camera #3 will be here tomorrow so now it can go where I intended it to go rather than replace the one that I thought had died. I will also start looking at the extended features now that I have SD cards for all the cams


Awesome, please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

I have lost sound to all 4 of my devices. It does record sound in motion detection clips.


iOS V1.3.116

How do you get the camera to update to the latest firmware?

Mine hasn’t updated on it’s own.

What do you see when you go to camera setting -> Device Info page? There is a ‘Installed firmware version’ there. What does it say?


When you open the live stream, it should prompt you for upgrade if you are not on the latest firmware. Do you not see that when you open your app?

just realized it says, it says

How can latest be v3.9.3.62?




That was why. Yours is a v2 unit. This post is about v1 units which is not related to your camera.

You said you lost sound “to” your cameras. Do you mean that the push-to-talk function is not working?

Could you please confirm that the ‘Record sound’ option is checked off under the camera’s Advanced settings?

If this is done, please send one of the videos with no sound to us at and let me know the ticket number so I can advise better!

Sorry for not being clearer. Currently, I am unable to hear audio during the live stream. The push-to-talk function plays sound at the camera, but I do not hear audio on my phone.

I’m assuming when you say Record Sound is “checked off” that you mean it is enabled (i.e., green). It is. I will send an video with no sound.

To be clear, though, I’m more concerned about not hearing sound in the Live Stream. Also, oddly enough, the recordings saved in the notification tab DO contain sound.

Support Ticket # is 45659

Sorry if this is obvious, but did you tap the Sound button on the live stream so it turns green like this:

Haha. I won’t take offense–you have to ask! But yes, Sound is enabled.