Issues with using Wyze cam outside with white house

I have my Wyze cam mounted outside my house under the roof. The under side of the roof is white and the wall is white as well. This is how the picture looks at night:

This is of course pretty useless. Some others indicated that taping off the IR lights might help. When I did this. the picture does not look much better:


Any ideas how to make this work outside? I mainly bought this camera to monitor my house at night.

What Does it look like during the day ? Pic

Have you walked in front of it at night To see ,What Is what ?

You have to move or mount, probably lower, the cam to eliminate/reduce reflection of the IR light from wall and roof.

You should be able to simply adjust the aiming of the camera so that none of the “white” is on screen.


What appears to be happening is that the auto-brightness feature of the camera is seeing these bright spots and adjusting the gain of the camera way down in an attempt to correctly see the side of your house. As soon as you take the choice away, it will be forced to adjust whatever the next brightest area is. When you put the electrical tape on the IR LEDs, there was no longer light to illuminate the area, so it just looks really dark.

I had the same issue with my outside camera! All you need to do is angle the camera away from the house! Just to it in short adjustments until you see a clear night time view!