Issue with recordings sometimes skipping for a few seconds

I uploaded an example. Pardon the lack of my shirt please.

That seems a bit long, but if you are saving continuous video it is saved in whole minute increments. So when the clock hit 00 seconds it was off saving the last minute of video to the SD card. When it was done it came back.

Hopefully as SD cards become faster, that gap will narrow.

I’m not sure if that is SD card or cloud video, but I have had this happen on cloud video. The issue was fixed but comes back sometimes

It’s the even minute thing that makes me think it is SD card continuous recording creating the issue. I suppose it’s possible it affects uploads too. @nschr51 – are you recording continuously to the SD card?

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I’m also going to assume that it’s a uSD card recording. I’m wondering if that uSD card has some VERY serious write issue that is causing the delay - along the lines of what Newshound said. Try a different uSD card.

Yes, continuous recording with a sd card.

Have you tried power cycling your camera and WiFi for 30 seconds to see you the issue clears up?

The issue is absolutely not the speed of the SD card. The data being written to these cards is minimal. My Pro cameras can fill up an SD card in a matter of minutes and the cards keep up. It’s a wyze issue.

Speed, quality, age, condition of card used has some bearing, no? What level card do you use?

I’v used particular brand name low-end cards for years recording Events Only to SD. When the mfr bumped up the specs slightly, the responsiveness of the cards improved markedly