Continous recording drop outs

How does a camera, set to continuously record to the sd card, miss recording for minutes at a time? Its baffling.

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It probably means that either:

  1. Your camera restarted at that time (Shouldn’t happen a lot, but if it updates firmware, etc, this will happen.) For one reason or another, mine seems to restart once every 1-2 weeks usually.
  2. Your MicroSD card is starting to go bad.

What kind of MicroSD card are you using, and how long have you been using it? If you’re not using a high-endurance card, it will wear out fairly quickly in a continously-recording situation, since regular cards aren’t really built for constant writes and rewrites like that.

I think this behavior may also occur sometimes when you’re using MicroSD cards over 32GB. Officially, Wyze only supports Class 10 MicroSD cards, up to 32GB. People have had success with larger cards, but apparently the behavior can be unpredictable.

I got few-minute gaps like you show when I had a plug set to cycle the power every day. So as mentioned, any reboot could do that too. I was power-cycling the camera every day because I didn’t realize where I placed it would get up to 170 degrees (no kidding, just sitting on a ledge in a window), and that would shut down the camera over and over until it went offline, causing more gaps. I doubt that’s an issue this time of year though, and my camera was black. Also as mentioned it could be a bad card, although I have not personally experienced one, continuously recording for up to a year and a half so far.

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Will change out the card.

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If you have a camera near you that you can swap it with, then that might put it within earshot so you can hear if it is randomly rebooting. Of course an SD card could be the cause of that too.