Continuous playback fragmented

I’ve had the Wyze Cam v3 for about a month now. While I had the cam plus trial for the 14 days, I did NOT subscribe to it, nor any other service. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed when I look at the playback option, it only has a fragmented bar for any videos recorded. Under advanced options I have the option to record to MicroSD enabled, continuous mode enabled. I even went and formatted the card (inside the camera) to see if it was too full (as it was near the 116.45G limit). I turned off the Detects Motion and Sound options in Event Recording to see if that was related, still only doing a few minutes with pauses in between on the playback bar.

When I first got the camera and had the free trial, it would record a continuous multi-hour segment until I turned off the camera manually. I have replaced the MicroSD card with another 128GB to see if it will affect it, but the card itself is less than a month old at this point.

Firmware:, Latest Android app v2.32.0 (154)

There is no connection between Cam Plus and the SD card system. That said, there are a few things that can cause dropouts on a continuously-recording SD card.

I saw dropouts myself when the camera got very hot, on the order of 150 degrees F. Being in the sun behind an untreated pane of glass in a hot garage did that for me. It the camera in a hot location?

Also, there have been bugs in firmware that caused the camera to keep rebooting in the past. Even though there is no known bug like that in your firmware, do you hear the camera periodically rebooting? Could still indicate a hardware issue.

Also, if the SD card is going bad, anything is possible. So best to try a second SD card to eliminate that, which I see you are doing. :slight_smile:


Swapped it out for another one and did not see any fragments while recording for a few days. Seems like the card went bad on me. Will swap it out and use a better quality one. Thanks for the reply.


Look into “high endurance” cards. These can handle the write and re-write better than regular sd cards. There are plenty of previous topics that mention and recommend the HE cards. I have them in all my mission critical cameras.