V4.9.9.1851 firmware broke Wyzecam playback, stops at the 60th second of every minute

v4.9.9.1851 firmware broke playback, playback stops at the 60th second of every minute.

to reproduce: use a non negative GMT timezone as per below threads

e.g. Guam, USA , GMT+10


First of all, just to make sure we’re on the same page, confirm that you are talking about playback from the uSD card - NOT cloud events from the Events tab in the app. Second, are you set to record Events Only or continuous?

yes its playback from SD card, & its continuous recording, there are dozens of users complaining

this used to work without flaw before the firmware update v4.9.9.1851

it affects positive GMT timezones, e.g. Guam (USA) GMT+10

You’re the first person I have seem mention that one. That seems really odd that something like that would be time zone dependent… Just verified, mine is working fine, but I am on Pacific time (-8 or -7 during DST).
I do remember maybe a year ago where uSD card recordings played via the app would skip the top minute of each hour (if I remember that right), but that one was fixed a long time ago.

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Yes, V3’s were recently skipping the first minute of every hour, though they have beta firmware that fixed that a while ago…it just hasn’t gone to production yet.

first person? there are at least 60 other users complaining about the same issue (links below).
All i did was add the keyword “V4.9.9.1851 firmware” to the subject as it was after this firmware that all these issues started. Playback was working fine before. thx